Fall Festival Story Walk

It's always great to discover that a book has been the inspiration for a community activity that has involved all ages, from young to old The Fall Festival Story walk was just such an event. They used spreads from "Just Right for Two" to create a walk in the woods. The spreads were part of a discovery trail. It was a great success, and I wish I could have been there, it looked absolutely beautiful...

It was great to receive an update on the Peters Rock Association's Fall Festival Story walk.

The day proved to be quite cool, sunny and windy, but luckily we avoided the rain. We probably had a couple of hundred people show up for the festival which is our "give back" to the community. The festival included the story walk which was appropriate for those very young or old at heart and all those in between as it is a reasonably easy trail. Also we had a local nature center bring a trailer with reptiles and seashore artifacts; a pumpkin patch and decorating; complimentary refreshments; and a guided hike to the summit of our park which affords the hiker with a panoramic view of the Quinnipiac River valley as it winds through four towns.

Everyone loved the addition of the story walk and it was fun to watch the kids run from stanchion to stanchion to read the next page.

Thanks for writing such a fun book. I wish that the day allowed us to have the kids draw pictures, but the wind was so strong that most of our craft activities didn't work out. 

Thanks, Ann White Lombardi - petersrockassociation.org