'Baddies, Beasties and a Sprinkling of Crumbs!' wins Award.

When I was thinking about this story I wanted it to be fast, pacy and driven by memorable characters that children would root for, find funny, and love. I wanted it to feel quite 'old school' too - like one of those old films I watched as a child; a real goodie/baddie romp. But I also needed to make it resonate with the children of today.

You never know how your book will be received. You write it simply and honestly, and then you have to wait. You love it. But will children love it too? Have you got the recipe right?

Today I won a FBA from the children of Lancashire. A FBA is a Fantastic Book Award. This competition was set up by the Lancashire Library service where  children in local primary schools voted for their favourite books. Winning any award is wonderful. It makes you feel valued, it makes you feel proud, but winning an award which has been voted for by children is really, really special. Because my stories are written for children, and they're very honest. 

It's been great to get letters from children saying why they like my Crumbs series. They really make me smile because then I know I did something right...

"...We loved the part when Aunt Beastly fancied the Baddies and the hilarious traps when they used washing up liquid to stop the Unstoppables ... Thank you for such a great book!"

I'm so grateful to have won this award and would like to thank the Lancashire Library service and the children of Lancashire for loving Martha, Otto, Scarlett (and the gang!) as much as I do...

"No!" is shortlisted for the Nottingham Children's Book Award 2014.

By way of a reminder, Archie was adorable. Everybody said so. Until one day he learned a new word… "No!"

Archie says "No!" at mealtimes, bath times, and every single bedtime... It is a hilarious tale that's perfect for parents whose toddler may be over-using the word "No!" and finding themselves suddenly tackling tantrums. The cheeky, charming Archie will win the hearts of children and parents alike.