"Whizz Pop Granny Stop!"


Publication: 6 September 2012

Illustrator: Joe Berger

ISBN: 9780857631305 / 9780857631312

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There is more trouble afoot for the little girl whose granny is (still whisper it) a witch, whom we first met in Hubble Bubble, Granny Trouble.

Granny just loves to help – a little bit of magic always speeds things along – and she’s happy to whizz out her ‘helping kit’ at the drop of a pointy hat.

However, sometimes all her granddaughter wants is to do things under her own steam, and to spend some quality time – well, normal(ish) time – with her beloved granny. But is her birthday party the right time to choose to turn down the magic?

Find out in this touching and hilarious companion title to Hubble Bubble, Granny Trouble...


“My granny likes to . . . help me. She helps my friends out too.
It’s just the kind of thing that Granny really likes to do.
When we’re building sandcastles and Granny lends a hand . . . 
Pop! And in a flash they’re all a teeny bit too grand!”