"Oh Dylan!"


Dylan duckling and his three sisters are off to the pond for their very first swim. “Hold on to the daisy chain, then you won’t get lost,” says Mummy duck. But Dylan has other ideas… 

Meet Dylan, a playful duckling who will win your heart!

  • A delightful story about a mischievous little duckling
  • With a lovely rhyming song and soft-to-touch flocking throughout
  • Beautiful pictures by Tina Macnaughton, illustrator of best-selling Little Hedgehog series
  • Simultaneous paperback and hardback publication

  • Publisher:  Little Tiger Press
  • Illustrator:  Tina Macnaughton
  • Publication:  February 7th 2011
  • ISBN:  978 1 84895 136 5
One breezy spring day, four little ducklings were making a daisy chain. 
“Pick-and-thread,” chanted Polly, Molly and Holly. 
“Look at me!” chuckled Dylan all tied up in a big flowery knot!
“Now,” said Mummy, “we’re off to the pond for your very first swim. Hold onto the 
daisy chain then you won’t get lost.” 
               “It’s a choo-choo-chain!” cried Dylan.  “Choo-choo!
Polly, Molly, Holly and Dylan skipped along behind Mummy, singing a springtime song…