"NEVER Say NO to a Princess!"

Never say no to a princess - or she’ll cry!
But what does a princess need to make her happy?
Sparkly shoes?
Sparkly toys?
Sparkly necklaces?
Or maybe just a very unsparkly new friend?

  • Publisher:  Alison Green Books
  • Illustrator:  Kate Leake
  • Publication:  1st March 2012
  • ISBN:   978-1407115580 (HB) / 978-1407115610 (Paperback)


The little princess wore a big sparkly tiara. 
She slept in a big sparkly bed. 
Her big sparkly wardrobe was bursting with sparkly dresses and her toy box was filled with big sparkly toys. 
You see, the little princess got everything she wanted but nothing ever seemed to make her smile. 
“Ice cream!” she shouted. “I want ice cream now! And it had better be good or else … I’ll cry!” 
“Quick!” said her daddy (who was busy being King). “Or else she’ll cry!” 
So ice cream after ice cream was brought from the royal kitchens, but the little princess heaved a great big sigh… 
“Too drippy … too sticky … yuck - too pink!” she exclaimed. “And look - you’ve forgotten the sprinkles!”