"The Grunt and the Grouch"

Meet the Grunt - if you dare - the grumpiest troll in the world!

When the Grunt finds a party invitation on his doormat, he is furious - he hates Tuesdays, he hates visitors, and he hates parties. But then he meets the Grouch … and things are never quite the same again.

  • Publisher:  Little Tiger Press
  • Illustrator:  Lee Wildish
  • Publication:  April 5th 2010
  • ISBN:  9781848950245
‘Who’s dared leave this on my mat?’ growled The Grunt.
‘I don’t like Tuesdays. I don’t like visitors. And I really don’t like parties … so I’m not coming!’ 
With that, he tore the invitation into tiny shreds, then stomped back inside and finally got to work … 
Not picking bits of mould off his teeth … 
Not cleaning the bath … 
Not doing the washing up … 
Not even flushing the toilet! 

Boring Tuesday morning ended and boring Tuesday afternoon began. So The Grunt went to town - it was, after all, the perfect place … to be horrid!