"I Want My Mummy!"

It's Arthur's first day apart from his mummy and he really misses her.

Even his fantastic dragon costume and favourite toy dragon don't cheer him up. "Raaagh!" he roars grumpily.

But luckily Granny knows just what to do...Perfect to reassure any toddler worried about being apart from their parents.


  • Publisher:  Little Tiger Press
  • Illustrator:  Alison Edgson
  • Publication:  February 2013
  • ISBN:  978-1848955370


Review from "The Children's and Teens Book Collection"

This is the perfect book to help children cope with separation anxiety. It’s the first day Arthur is apart from his mommy and he misses her. Even his favorite dragon suit and dragon toy don’t help. It seems like Mommy is never coming back. Luckily, Grandma knows how to make the time pass quickly.

This book captured me right from the front cover. How can you not love this sweet, sad looking boy clutching his dragon toy? Corderoy has created a tender story that lets children know they aren’t alone in missing their parents when they are separated. Whether it’s the first day of day care, the first day of preschool, or the first time Mommy and Daddy are leaving the kids home with a babysitter for an evening, I Want My Mommy! is a great way to calm their fears.

Alison Edgson provides some of the most adorable illustrations for this book. The cover alone is enough to make you want to pick it up, but as soon as you begin flipping pages, the soft, warm colors and the multitude of emotions depicted on the characters’ faces captivates you. Beautiful pink roses, the furry carpet in front of Grandma’s door, and the fuzzy feather Grandma uses as a sword are some of my favorite details.

I loved this book from beginning to end. Highly recommended.