Publication:  1 September 2011

Illustrator:  Joe Berger

Age:  3+

ISBN: 978 0 85763 027 8 HB
          978 0 85763 028 5 PB

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If your granny was a little bit, well, different from other grannies, would you want to change her… or would you end up thinking you love her just the way she is?

In this rhyming text, a little girl whose granny is (whisper it) a witch, gets fed up with dealing with the problems she creates, so she tries to reform her, but a reformed granny is bored and boring, and maybe it’s more fun to cook up a big pot of gloop with granny’s witchy friends after all.


“My granny’s kind of different. She cooks this icky soup.
I swear she uses slime and sludge and bits of froggy poop!
I beg her for fish fingers, but Granny shakes her head . . . 
“Oh, yuck!” she cries. “How horrible!
Here – drink some gloop instead!”


“I stumbled upon an illustration of a witch and a little girl, and was very drawn to it. It reminded me of how, when I was little, I thought countless old ladies were witches. Then I wondered what it would actually feel like if your granny really was one! Would you be tempted to change her? Probably. But then, I thought, if you did, she wouldn’t be Granny. This was a dilemma the little girl in the story helped me solve. This story, I feel, has humour and quirkiness, just like Nosy Crow! I’m confident that it has found its perfect home.”

The story is a great, rhyming text that tells a terrific and funny story about loving your friends and family regardless of their eccentricities. The illustrations have been produced by 2010 World Book Day illustrator, Joe Berger.