I wish I could draw!

I love to write picture books and illustrated fiction. Pictures are so important to these books, and I am in awe of the creative skill that the illustrators I work with have. Joe Berger (illustrator of the the Hubble Bubble Granny Trouble series) has written a blog post where he demonstrates this!

In this post he shows how the character is first drawn, using traditional pencil and paper, and then how it is scanned and coloured using Photoshop. 

Like all experts, he makes it look easy!

The full post can be read here...

Joe Berger Blog Post

The latest title in the fiction series, 'Hubble Bubble, The Messy Monkey Business!' was published in May.

Dare to be Different!

Pandora’s granny in my Hubble Bubble series is unequivocally different.

From her “alternative” car (a jet-powered broomstick), to her burping bat pets and cauldron handbag, Granny is the new black; quite the chicest granny on the block!

But having a granny who’s so “different” does have its embarrassing moments. And so – just the once – Pandora suggests that Granny tries on trend “normalish” instead... 

A Scribble of Illustrators

Two of the illustrators I've worked with at Nosy Crow (Joe Berger and Steven Lenton) are taking part in an exhibition this week in Bristol, "A Scribble of Illustrators".

I went along to the opening night to support them, and see some of the brilliant work they were exhibiting, and meet some of the other illustrators...