World Book Day 2018

I really love World Book Day. It is a really busy time for authors and illustrators, with lots of events and school visits. This year has been complicated by the ‘Beast from the East’ (or snow as we used to call it)!

So on Monday I was at a whole school event in Twickenham, then I had to battle to the 'Greatest Book Show on Earth' event in Aberystwyth on Wednesday, before abandoning plans to go to Essex on Thursday! As the snow trapped me in my house today I was decided to use Skype to present to a small school on the Isle of Skye.


Above all I really love seeing the effort the children (and their parents!) put into the costumes they've created for the day, absolutely brilliant!

Here we have Plip from 'Little Penguin Lost, the 'Little White Owl' and a number of Shifty McGifty characters...